Image and Likeness

I Am Who Am
Tells me who I am
And in that my dignity lies

His Image and Likeness
Are clues to my Christ-ness
Ipse or alter both true.

His Image is Union
E pluribus Unum
Our God is never alone

Eternal Communion
The key, no delusion,
To why we’re created at all. 

His Likeness as promised
He waits to crown us
Adornment created pre-fall.

He wants us forever
As heavenly treasure
To dance the celestial ball.

Our God, three in one
Shows me what He’s done
To be with Him, Oh, what a gift.

He suffered and died
To undo my pride
Saving me from what’s rightfully mine.

Now divine family waits
At the heavenly gates
Communion of Saints, After-life filled with grace.

Oh Heavenly glory 
Be part of my story
I want to live straight and true.

So I can be graced 
With the sight of your face
And rest in your infinite love

Divine family tree
Freely gifted to me
Our hearts cannot grasp the reason.

So beyond understanding
This manifestation
His merciful plan Of Divine filiation

Our instinct for justice 
Confounds all among us
As God chooses Mercy instead.

Then comes invitation
Without hesitation
To splendor of Heavenly hues.

This grand attestation 
Of Jesus’ creation
The Word Incarnate did Write

That the beauty we’re made for
Been given as favor
Is for what our souls ignite! 

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