"Let Yourself Be Loved"

“Let yourself be loved.”

“Hearts can be moved when confronted by that which is beautiful.”

Fr. Dave Pivonka, The Ministry of the Wild Goose

Allow me to reveal to you what I have found, in my own unique way, to be the beauty of the Catholic Church. I am a cradle Catholic who felt jaded by the lackluster efforts of peers and teachers to embrace their faith. I nearly left it by the wayside of the sake of fitting in with the world and my soul became very sick. I cannot claim that I came back of my own accord, but as the result of so many beautiful people who gave me glimpses of the freedom and joy that comes from living in the love of the Father’s gaze. I have been on a mission to know and understand what that is and to ultimately let myself be loved by Him. In doing so, I hope to give you the freedom to do the same.


“Sometimes I’m a messy mom.”

This was a massive turning point for me. Learning how to give myself a little grace by cleaning up the thoughts in my head and getting straight with what I’m making things mean.


This is Me

There’s a recording of the rehearsal of the song, “This is Me”, from the movie, The Greatest Showman, in which you can actually see the transformation of the singer as she takes on the message of the anthem. It draws you in to see this woman step into her own skin and those around her marvel at her growth and beauty as she does so.

The Creation of Man, Michelangelo

2 Inches Away

The heartbreak of Covid made room for all sorts of conversations that normally would not have happened. That can be the silver lining of hard things – we can be forced to be more introspective and come face to face with the big things of life.

“Let yourself be vulnerable. Let your walls down, your carefully constructed fortresses breached. Your fiercely guarded heart laid bare. Let your wounds be touched, your fears revealed, your deepest desires, damaged dreams, and most daring hopes unveiled before the bride-groom who has the power to redeem, restore and resurrect them. Drop your independence and the idea which you clutch so tightly, that you can do anything to protect and save yourself and let Him love you.”

st elizabeth of the trinity

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