Rings to Grow

Stay strong, young elm, there are rings yet to grow
The fire in your soul will tell you where to go.
Just wait for the day, stand patiently by,
Eventually your height takes you nearer the sky.

From there you will see such expanse to behold
That your thoughts will transcend, limitless, bold.
Yet your wisdom negates the need for such height
Since internal is where you’ll direct your insight.

Stay patient young elm, your vict’ry will come,
Your day in the sun will surely be won.
But ‘til then, dig deep, solid roots will supply
The foundation from which you’ll one day reach the sky.

Stay humble, dear elm, your rings they will grow
Not to pace, not to size, nor how much can we know,
But trust in the One who tended your seed
For to Him should our thoughts and worries concede.

Fear not my strong elm, for always you’ll show
To the world your resilience, despite all these woes
And although winds blow and your trunk may bend
You’ll arise oh so grand, standing tall at storm’s end.

Forever yours

**I usually do not give any background as to the inspiration of my poetry, but this one is very dear to my heart. I wrote this poem for my now husband while witnessing him struggle, respond and cope with the devastating reality of losing the world he knew after his dad suffered a stroke. Maybe some of you can relate to life changing in an instant, or maybe you know how helpless it feels to be a witness to another’s tragedy. With all the love, honor and respect due to a wonderful man and his son, I share this with you.

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