My Defects of Character

Do you share to manipulate?
Invade a mind to seal your fate?
Or do you keep things to yourself
To punish, distance, heart on shelf?

Do you people please because
The pain’s too much of tension’s claws.
Your tender sensibilities
Too fragile for reality?

Far down you look along you nose
To travel, ego has this road
Humility is choked and dies
As condescension does arise.

Your precious looks, externities
Your vanity’s fecundity
How often do you make a choice
By listening to that inner voice?

Ungodly self-reliance 
Meets help always with defiance
Foundation of the self-made man
Forgets to whom he owed his plan.

This often swaying, changing, ranging
Of my inner life deranging
vicissitude the constant of
My inner life deposed of God.

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