Mary Undoer of Knots

Oh Mary, my mother, I come to you today
Because I am so troubled and my heart’s in disarray
I can’t see through the snarled mess 
These wretched knots cause such distress!
But I believe, as I’ve been taught,
You steady wait for the distraught.

Oh Mary, my Mama, your tenderness is clear
You softly work away the knots, the wrinkles disappear
Your patience is so stunning, 
You skill is swift and cunning
I hardly have to share my heart 
Before your work, with vigor, starts.

Mary, Mother Mary, your Son does love you so
And you love He and in-between the grace abounds and flows.
He picked you as His channel, 
To bestow his love and handle
Our big requests and little asks
You bring Him every single task.

Mary, Undoer of Knots
Mother to all who are lost,
You took my messy ribbon
Happy it be given.
Your fingers worked so steadily  
On what I thought would crumble me.

I thank you now Our Lady
My lovely Mother Mary
Your work of love that saved me from
The lies spun by the evil one.
You teased them out, each knot undone
Yes, you undid them, one by one. 

And now, restored, I see it shine.
Such beauty in this life of mine.
God gifted me a life divine
If I, like you, with He, align.

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