A Rainbow Full of Grace

You don’t see what I see
Don’t marvel at atrocity
You see beneath, you see beyond
The present can’t make you undone.

It seems that things from long ago
Have twisted, warped and changed my soul
I didn’t know it at the time
But now I writhe, without a why.

These things are messy, deep and dark,
They sour precious moments
I beg you enter in, dear God,
And heal me from these torments.

Go with me into the depths
The crease where poison hides
Places I forget exist
Till pain suggests where my soul cries

It isn’t wrong that they exist 
What strikes me is how I helped them subsist
Enough of this, the work starts now
Let’s end the pain, You show me how!

I’m starting to discern your will,
You want to clean me up.
Siphon out the poison,
Restore this broken cup.

Then I can hold your blessings
Store your beauty, mirr’r your face
Reflect it outward, prism glass
A rainbow full of grace.

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