Divine Kintsugi

You don’t see what I see Don’t shudder at atrocity You see beneath, you see beyond The present can’t make you undone. It seems that things from long ago Have twisted, warped and changed my soul I didn’t know it at the time But now I writhe, and don’t know why. These things are messy,Continue reading “Divine Kintsugi”

What’s Your Transcendental?

Truth, Goodness, Beauty. Allow me to attempt a brief explanation before we dive in. In the Catholic church, these three properties are something that elevate our hearts and minds beyond the material and ultimately lead us to God. I love the description that they are seen as “evidence of God’s fingerprints on the world”. TheyContinue reading “What’s Your Transcendental?”

Love the Sinner, not the Sin

All of this work I have done in learning my identity, and through that identity finding my untouchable, unchangeable worth, has led me ultimately to realize that if that is true for me, then it must also be true for you….even if I don’t like you. Now that sounds harsh, but I think we allContinue reading “Love the Sinner, not the Sin”