Thorns and Roses

As I marvel before the interior life In awe I take in how it towers, alive A work of the will with grace as its source To enter this climb will unveil your core. I struggle to say how this image arrived Something about roses has pestered my mind But here I stand, Thumbelina inContinue reading “Thorns and Roses”

My Own Litany of Littleness

From the desire to never do anything wrong, deliver me Jesus From the desire to always know the right thing to say, deliver me Jesus From the desire to know how to handle every situation, deliver me Jesus From the desire to never insult or offend, deliver me Jesus From the desire to have another’sContinue reading “My Own Litany of Littleness”


I don’t understand, I don’t comprehend This ‘rest’ that you speak of My brain upends. Foreign tongues don’t make sense In blind repetition, Immersion’s what’s best For inspired recognition “Rest makes me vomit. Rest means I’m weak. Rest means I’m useless, Defenseless, obscene. To be futile is death No product to show For the endContinue reading ““Rest””

“I Don’t Want This Owie!”

These words poured from my daughter as she struggled to fall asleep one night after scraping her elbow. It hit me soon after, how often I say something similar to the Lord! “Lord, I don’t want this struggle, I don’t want this sickness, this difficulty. Why can’t people just do things my way!?”  I’m afraidContinue reading ““I Don’t Want This Owie!””