The Beautiful Back and Forth

There is something about breath that is extremely spiritual. Breath means life. Breath means hope… I think it is so interesting that breathing happens all on its own and yet it is something we can also choose to control. It is in how we do this that we can use it well or use itContinue reading “The Beautiful Back and Forth”

Oh Misery, Duplicity

Duplicity, such misery Leads always to timidity A hesitance to simply be The who you are to you and me. What you want, you disengage Identity begins to fade. Ignored, Forgotten, self withdrawn, Without intent, your peace is gone. It burns you up, eats you alive Or in it your Desires die Tepidity kills allContinue reading “Oh Misery, Duplicity”

Do you want to be Happy?

I wanted to divert from the virtue discussion briefly to dive further into many of the concepts that came up during the post on Humility, specifically Freedom and Detachment, but then I realized that I actually should have prefaced the whole topic of virtue with the WHY behind it. Why bother at all?! Why botherContinue reading “Do you want to be Happy?”

Humility – The Soil of the Interior Life

I’ve been trying to write about humility for a few days now and I keep getting stuck. With the start of this virtue series, I determined (probably in response to a Holy Spirit nudge) Humility to be the best place to start because without it, there is no spiritual life…but I’ve had a hard timeContinue reading “Humility – The Soil of the Interior Life”

“You can’t see my gaze because you are resting in My arms.”

I’ve been starting to journal more. I started a program that encourages it. Even though it is always rewarding, it still feels like such a chore most of the time to dedicate the time to do it, and I resist. This specific program recommends journaling your thoughts with God. It’s a mindset coaching program andContinue reading ““You can’t see my gaze because you are resting in My arms.””

It All Hangs In The Balance

In the 12 steps, we call it “living in the grey”, in the Catholic Church, it’s called the “narrow road”. Aristotle called it the “Golden Mean”. Balance. The chiseling work of the interior life, of developing a life of virtue. It’s funny how different religions, philosophies, manners of thinking, can all be saying the sameContinue reading “It All Hangs In The Balance”