I wrote this poem for my good friend, Nicole, who was running her 5th marathon almost a year ago today. Inspired by the etymology of her name, from the Greek 'nike', meaning 'victory', (how appropriate for a runner!), both of us feeling run down by the ongoing covid care at the hospital we both work at, and the general stresses of life feeling high, this poem spilled out an anthem to the call to go on.

Sometimes vict’ry’s the decision to forge on ahead
Even when all motivation seems dead
Even when your heart screams “I don’t care”
Victory is the decision to bear.

Victory isn’t always so sweet
Looking down upon what you defeat
Sometimes Vict’ry’s simply the decision to stay
True to your course, not go astray. 

Sometimes the desire
Fizzles quick, absent fire.
Doesn’t make you a liar
Simply makes you a fighter.

Acknowledge the limp attitude in your heart
But you also must see your commitment to start.
Your commitment to go beyond what’s in your tank
And from that your courage rises in rank.

So for now this is all I can give in my stead
A beat from my heart as you forge on ahead
Heel to toe your stride will be mighty
When you finish the race, THAT will be your Nike!

Hebrews 12:1 “Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

With a heart full of love for a wonderful friend,



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