I’m A Coach!

I did it, you guys! 4 weeks into my fourth maternity leave I received this stamp of approval from my training program. It’s been so fun to learn the ins and outs of how our minds work and how to get down to the root of belief patterns and identify thought errors, things that I believe to be true that are in fact false and may be causing me harm. I did it for me. I did it in order to learn how to be more honest with myself. I did it in order to start to gain some sort of mastery over the emotional disorder in my life, and through it, I’ve found so much freedom. 

The reason why I started this blog, almost a year ago now, was at the beginning of my attempt to learn how to let myself be loved. By God mostly, but I’ve learned through this, that I had to allow myself to love who I am and how I’ve been made as well. I have become fascinated with the inner workings of the human person, the complexity, the variability, the subtle nuances that make us each distinct and unique. 

I started my own coaching practice as a result of my new zeal for this art, this avenue to christian self-mastery, hoping to be able to pour out so much of the wisdom, love and practical skills that were poured into me. You can find it at catholicmindsetcoaching.com if you are all interested. But truly, I want you to just celebrate with me in my excitement. God is good. The world is messy, but good. And ultimately, this world is simply meant to be means to lead us back to Him who made Me so Good.


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