Lesser Loves

Lots of lesser little loves
Distract us from The One above
The One who Willed with Love to Be
Our lives, how blessed, ‘oft hard to see.

We’re made for thee, we can’t undo
This pounding that our hearts eschew
To rest in thee eternally
We can’t not want it desperately.

This hunger that we have for thee
The Holy Three, The Trinity
We long to see you Face to Face
To rest in the Eternal Gaze

But often on this earthly race
We follow trails with hint or trace
Of Thee, My God, Almighty Three,
Lacking in entirety.

A lesser love is not a sin
Unless it supersedes therein
The heart’s own ardor for the Lord
Resulting in chromatic chord.

What is the one that hurts you so?
That dampens that eternal glow
On the horizon of your soul
Your joy amiss, your bliss it stole?

Quash it!

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