Unlock and Renew

God, are you there?
I know that you are,
It’s just that I can’t
Feel your heat somehow.

Will you hold me so close,
Press me into your chest,
So I beat with your pulse
And in You find rest?    

I want to reach out
Even when “I don’t care”.
I know that deep down
You’re my answer to prayer.

I think of your hands
tender but strong.
I think of your arms
Thirty-three years young.

I think of your chin
Sweetly placed in my hair.
I think of your tears
Washing ‘way my despair.

I think we are sitting 
Me curled on your lap
I see you gaze down
As I look up and back. 

You smile at my face
Meet my eyes, know their maze.
Not afraid to engage,
You created each phase.

In this scene I am little
In this scene you are strong
In this scene you make straight
Crooked ways I went down.

In truth, it is so
In all times and all places
You take on my messes
And from them make graces.

I wonder if somewhere
Along I will find
The key to my heart 
That I lost, long behind.

I hope that I do
Or perhaps, allow You!
I demand you unlock it,
Enter in and renew.

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