“You can’t see my gaze because you are resting in My arms.”

I’ve been starting to journal more. I started a program that encourages it. Even though it is always rewarding, it still feels like such a chore most of the time to dedicate the time to do it, and I resist. This specific program recommends journaling your thoughts with God. It’s a mindset coaching program and one that has shaped and formed me extensively over the last year. I have only experienced good from the time I started it, such as uncovering the idea and desire to start this blog. However, just like healthy choices for eating and exercises can sometimes seem unappealing, so does the work for the health of my soul…but lately, I’ve been growing in consistency and something about this entry made me feel compelled to share.

Upon reflecting with the Lord on the thought that “I am not safe” under which lies the implication that “I should feel safe at all times,” it dawned on me how unrealistic this expectation was. The idea that in order to be “okay” I must feel safe, makes me a victim to my circumstances at every moment. “Am I safe now? Or now?? Or now???” This is not freedom. The fact that safety can never be guaranteed is a fact of life, but it is one quite hard to accept without a bedrock to stand on that lets you know you are “okay” no matter what. That bedrock has become my faith, and yet, I still forget and get caught up in it all. I didn’t realize I was doing this the other day, but in journaling, I realized it, and wanted to share the fruits of that journaling with you all. This is what came to me. Read it as if it is God speaking to me.

“You are in this world, but you are not of this world. You already died to this world when you started living for the one beyond. You have only to gain if you are put in any peril. You get to trust fall on Me. You get to be with ME. Nothing can harm you, but only serve to strengthen you.  This is what I have been trying to tell you – your purpose for the pain is not to suffer and hurt. I did all that, it is not the plan I have for you. Your heaven is to start here on Earth…The purpose for the pain , the struggle is meant as an opportunity to know my strength. Your strength lies in My arms. The more freely you fall, the more vast will be your experience of my power and you will know the elation of a soul resting in My arms. On this side of heaven, that is the closest place you can be to dwelling within the Trinity…The more freely you fall, the more securely you rest in My arms.”

Ever ask God what He thinks of the thoughts in your head? I didn’t until very recently. Try it. There’s a chance it just might rock your world.

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