Interior Vertigo

Have you ever tried to find that perfect balance spot
In which a balance board doesn’t teeter, tilt or drop?

I can tell you that in trying, I repeatedly do fall
The board drops down and hits the ground
And gravity applauds.

This tendency to dip, to the right or to the left
Concupiscence, the fancy term, does describe it best.

I think I’m gonna make it and then suddenly the sky
Turns upside down, horizon gone
Head o’er heels, nose dive.

This vertigo disrupts the soul, I cannot tell you why
To find the ground, my footing found, seems much too far a cry.

To know if you are right side up or down is hard to say
When focal point is stripped away,
Perception’s disarray.

Eventually, yes gravity, will bring you to the ground,
Here’s hoping that when landing comes, it’s feet that first touch down.

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