Divine Kintsugi

You don’t see what I see
Don’t shudder at atrocity
You see beneath, you see beyond
The present can’t make you undone.

It seems that things from long ago
Have twisted, warped and changed my soul
I didn’t know it at the time
But now I writhe, and don't know why.

These things are messy, deep and dark,
And sour precious moments
I beg you enter in, dear God,
And heal me from these torments.

Go with me into the dark
The deep where poison hides
Those places I forget exist
Till pain suggests where my soul cries

It isn’t wrong that they exist 
But know I did help them persist
Enough of this, the work starts now
Let’s end the pain, You show me how!

Easy never was Your goal
But thorough always shapes the soul 
I'll let you lead, just show me where
You want the part too much to bear.

I think that this may be Your will,
That I invite you in the mill.
I'm not alone, you wait apace
Primed to enter in the race.

And on our walk you don't just carry
But talk, discover, linger, tarry
You have a goal beyond the climb 
The purpose that is one sublime.

You stay to know me at the heart
and through that heal each aching part
You hunger for my sure appeal 
And in Your gaze, my pains are healed

So to you I will go today
And ask "Accompany my way!"
And as I bare my soul to You
Your light ignites the dark milieu

I want to get to know you
Walk this journey at your side
Once not my goal, I know you'll pull 
Me back into Your life. 

So here is my atrocity
I hand it with velocity
Initial brace for pain, in vain
It's tenderness that marks your reign.

And as you start to enter in
And siphon out all the poison
I trust that I'll be whole again
Divine Kintsugi at the end.

And in this wholeness I can hold
Your blessings and set out so bold
Reflect the beauty of your touch
The Healer who restored so much.

So thus renewed, I take my place
And rest here in this holy space.
The climb, at first, a painful time,
I climb with You, oh Heart sublime!

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