Solid Ground

Firm, hard, 
Doesn’t give.
Its strength meets my step,
Assuring my grip.

Reality holds
In this tension I find,
Where foot hits the ground
Consistency binds.

That Truth does exist
In what always will be
Brings not only comfort
But is grounding to me.

It gives me my footing
When I can’t see ahead.
It gives me my stance,
Toe off, push ahead.

Without it I fall
With nowhere to stand
With no ground beneath
Can’t quite comprehend.

You see footing is key,
Or I never will walk.
With one foot ahead, 
I often may balk.

The other behind
A stance quite exposed
But if not, can't progress
Not yet time to repose.

My feet need this ground
To establish my balance
Firm ground, one foot planted
A chance for advancement.

Legs may not have eyes
But the body is smart
Sensation dictates
If and when we will start

To move forward or not
Is it safe? I might fall.
Prudence says “stay”
If there’s no wherewithal.

But if all’s intact
I forge on ahead
Knowing the ground
Will hold up my tread.

And from there I step
Then walk, then climb,
Then run and jump
Ad infinitum.

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