The Toilet Seat Was Up

Have you ever gone to sit
On the toilet in the dark
Expecting it to catch you 
 And instead, you disembark? 

On a journey in the water
One you simply never wanted
But you sat down in the dark
 And now your discombobbled. 
Your plan was plain and simple,
You wanted something solid.
You planned for it to catch you,
Now you flounder while it's got ya.

As heart rate spikes to meet the need
For quicker speed, agility,
Reflect upon this metaphor,
What is that toilet seat?

Expectation of a standard
Something strong and firmly placed,
Then with disgrace, you realize
It's completely been displaced.

I noticed in a moment,
The feeling quite familiar
Of shock, upset and horror
When life didn’t sequence linear.

My mind spun out, "what’s happening?!
I thought a seat was there!"
Lost in misunderstanding,
And my footing’s in the air.

This pain akin to when I’m lost
Because I thought I knew your thoughts,
But when I go to claim this stake
I see I’ve made a huge mistake.

I look at you who’s, 
Devoid of an answer.
Empty gaze meets my ardor
Oh, Lord, what disaster.

Confused and defensive,
Tension builds, reason scatters
Splash will herald an offensive.
If I don’t accept this matter.


Holy pause stops the spiral,
A new thought comes to mind.
Mental war march now halted,
The anger unwinds.

With this moment of change,
I breathe a new breath
I purview the damage
And clean up the mess.

My landing was rough.
Perfect 10? Surely not.
But return, yes I can,
To my feet, and I stand.

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