My Own Litany of Littleness

From the desire to never do anything wrong, deliver me Jesus

From the desire to always know the right thing to say, deliver me Jesus

From the desire to know how to handle every situation, deliver me Jesus

From the desire to never insult or offend, deliver me Jesus

From the desire to have another’s attention in order to know my worth, deliver me Jesus

From the desire to be acknowledged for hard work, deliver me Jesus

From the desire for praise in the public eye, deliver me Jesus

God, grant me the acceptance of my imperfections and the ability to see them as a means for you to enter into and flood my life. For Your power is made perfect in my weakness.

God, grant me the virtues of humility, docility, littleness, prudence, patience, light-heartedness, and a charitable disposition toward myself and others. 

Lord, help me to know who I am as separate from what I do, what I contribute, and what gifts I have to offer. For my dignity lies in none of those things. Amen.

Walking the halls at work today, I had a little moment of light. My dignity is the same as the old man in the hospital bed, covered with sores and unable to speak. He and I are the same. We have the same value, the same worth, the same dignity and the same inner reality that only God is privy to see. What I do is just a bonus on top of who I already am and an opportunity to glorify the one who made me by living well and in stewarding the gifts I’ve been given. 

It is not a matter of being lesser or greater than I think I am. What I think has nothing to do with it. The truth of my existence is not a battle to be won, it is not a question of morality. I am who I am in God’s eyes. Made in His image, after His likeness. Not more. Not less. May I always remember and live from this truth.

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