Almighty Space

Empty my hands O God
So I’m free to receive
All the plans you have for me 
That I could not conceive.

I’ll keep these hands unoccupied
And for you remain chaste.
Drop everything I think I need 
So I can be your vase.

Safe from the lust of greedy hands
That pull me down below,
Into a musty cavern
Of never-ending woe.

I long with that desire
Which only you bestow
To live free in your Holy air
That sanctifies my soul.

To do this I release my grip
On this and that and him.
I trust that you will be my guide
And rightly steer me in

I know you have some gifts for me
That I did never think,
But lately when I see them come
Often I do shrink.

“I don’t want that, it looks too hard!”
Think you misunderstood.
You see, dear God, I asked for strength,
Not means to learn I could.

Your ways, O God, are not my own
The coward in me balks.
But learn I will, that this is space
Where God almighty walks!

Your power and my weakness
Are together most complete
You choose to fill that empty space
Where I feel most deplete.

And so as is your usual
You flip things on their head.
These things I saw as weakness,
Means to victory instead.

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