“I Don’t Want This Owie!”

These words poured from my daughter as she struggled to fall asleep one night after scraping her elbow. It hit me soon after, how often I say something similar to the Lord! “Lord, I don’t want this struggle, I don’t want this sickness, this difficulty. Why can’t people just do things my way!?” 

I’m afraid I often sound like a grumpy toddler with the Lord. The parallel was compelling to me, but almost within the same second the following thought was, “But what a beautiful way to see Him at work.” I like to teach my daughter how God made her body smart. It can heal itself! But beneath that, who was the master artist who created the body to do just that? 

In the moments of greatest pain and discomfort is an opportunity. Do I trust-fall onto the Lord, or do I stomp my feet and berate the injustice? One way leads to greater depth and has the potential for healing. The other causes me to get stuck in the muck of my misery. I get to choose…

Where in your life are you choosing to stay stuck?

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