Almighty Space

Empty my hands O God So I’m free to receive All the plans you have for me That I could not conceive. I’ll keep these hands unoccupied And for you remain chaste. Drop everything I think I need So I can be your vase. Safe from the lust of greedy hands That pull me downContinue reading “Almighty Space”


I don’t understand, I don’t comprehend This ‘rest’ that you speak of My brain upends. Foreign tongues don’t make sense In blind repetition, Immersion’s what’s best For inspired recognition “Rest makes me vomit. Rest means I’m weak. Rest means I’m useless, Defenseless, obscene. To be futile is death No product to show For the endContinue reading ““Rest””

“I Don’t Want This Owie!”

These words poured from my daughter as she struggled to fall asleep one night after scraping her elbow. It hit me soon after, how often I say something similar to the Lord! “Lord, I don’t want this struggle, I don’t want this sickness, this difficulty. Why can’t people just do things my way!?”  I’m afraidContinue reading ““I Don’t Want This Owie!””